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Everyball tennis offers tennis coaching courses and programmes in schools (Community) and clubs (Club and Academy).


Our Community programme reaches out to bring fun tennis experiences to our local primary and secondary schools.

Achieving a 'stroke' feeling on your rally groundstrokes for more spin and security on these shots

I guess this new life we are experiencing through this horrendous virus is becoming a little more normalised now.  The novelty factor of 'stay at home' is all but gone as we face the real prospect of being in lock-down for a few more weeks yet and the true test of our resilience to keep going is upon us.

One of the first things to 'go' with an extended time away from the court is our movement...

Here's an exercise today to help keep your movement/footwork up during this extended time away from the courts.  Suitable for all levels of players, young and older!

I've also laid down a little challenge - can you beat my score of 33/minute (count each time your move around a cone) whilst maintaining the footwork pattern and good quality?

Send my a video and enjoy!

Who would have known that you can improve your tennis whilst playing darts?

Yep, the two sports (Darts is a sport - England, United States, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium have recognised darts as an official sport) have more in common than you think!

Check out my latest video to see how this is so, and in the meantime a little exercise to improve the coordination and pre-throw position on the serve.

Closing down the net with the 1-2 step and playing 'one point at a time'

A simple 1-2 footwork technique today that will help you 'close down the net' on some of those easier balls!

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