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Fedex ATP Ball Kids 2018 – Kiera Foster

I decided to apply to be a Fedex ball kid for Nitto ATP, with the top 8 mens players because I had wanted to be a ball patrol at the Women’s Hockey World Cup but unfortunately wasn’t old enough. This inspired me to go and try out for the ATP.  We filled out the online forms & questions and I was fortunate enough to be shortlisted and invited to the trials, which were on 30th September at Lee Valley in London.  It was an early start, but once I got going I was fine.

Everyball Aspirational Player Programmes

The Everyball Aspirational Player Programmes


Our culture is defined by what what we do repeatedly (our behaviour) which is, of course, influenced by our thinking system and philosophy:


We grow older, we get slower.

The next generation take over.

Competitors improve.

Funding gets withdrawn.


New school, exams, university.

Kids leave home.

First job.

Last job.

A new job.

No job.


No Brexit.

House prices drop.

House prices rise.

A baby

A new dog, cat, hamster, whatever....

Wozniacki BH masterclass (part 2)

Continuing this little mini series on the Wozniacki backhand today.

4.  Contact point shown as level or just marginally in front of front foot, with hitting shoulder (her left) marginally behind the right (unlike the forehand where hitting shoulder would be in front of non-hitting shoulder at contact on a neutral rallying shot).  Note the back foot is in tip-toe stance and there is a strong sense of body picking up rotational speed at this moment.

Wozniacki backhand masterclass

Want to hit a backhand like Wozniacki?  Follow this sequence, paying particular attention to how she uses her legs to transfer weight into the shot.

1.  As Wozniaki steps in towards the ball with her front foot, notice her weight is still significantly stored through her back leg, with the heal of her front foot striking the court first.  Shoulders have turned a little more than hips and she's now ready to unload into the shot. Super athletic position with knees flexed (bent).

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