Overcoming the angle of I & R - tennis is back in action today!

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Yep, the Angle of Incidence & Reflection is the posh way of saying the ball wants to rebound off the racket at the angle it approaches the racket.

When changing direction (ie: going down-the-line off a cross-court ball) off a slower ball, angling the racket face appropriately is enough - ie: direct the strings down the line and the ball will go down the line assuming a good contact.

If however the ball is faster we have to overcome the A of I & R by:

  1. adding more speed in the racket and/or
  2. over-compensating with the contact point and racket face angle

Could be one to practice today if you get a chance to get on court!!!

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A final garden tennis post for a while I hope as we gratefully have the green light to get back to some 1:1’s today! Here I explore overcoming the ‘angle of incidence and reflection’ (the posh way of saying ball rebounds off racket at the same angle by which it arrives!) when looking to change direction off a x-court ball @haltonuk @prov3_halton #backtotennis #tennis #play #train #everyballtennis #haltontennis #staysafe

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