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Everyball tennis offers tennis coaching courses and programmes in schools (Community) and clubs (Club and Academy).


Our Community programme reaches out to bring fun tennis experiences to our local primary and secondary schools.

Defensive open-racket face skills today....can you beat my score of 34?! (do you know the dimensions of a court?!)

So the width of a service box singles line to centre line is 13.5 ft.  How are you on the rest of the court dimensions?  Any of these surprise you?

Length of service box, net to service line = 21ft

Service line to baseline = 18ft

Baseline to net = 39ft

Doubles tramline to doubles tramline = 36ft

Singles line to singles line = 27ft

Length of full court = 78ft

Height of net at middle = 3ft

Anyway, today's exercise works on open-racket face defensive skills side to side across the width of a service box

Using the concept of the 'waiting position' to improve your volley

Happy Friday everyone.  It is Friday isn't it?  Days are rolling into one! 

Anyway, I'm continuing my commitment to provide a little exercise/drill each day of the lockdown to help you stay engaged with your tennis and even make some improvements.  How amazing would that be - coming out of lockdown more skill-full than you were going in!!

From the 'ready position' to the 'waiting position' with the racket and ridding yourself of poisonous thinking!

A key mini tennis progression today from a 'ready' to a 'waiting' position with the racket.  Of course this principle can be adapted for older and higher level players for different game situations such as receiving a fast ball on the serve with minimal backswing, and tomorrow I'll show you how we can use it for the volley.

What do we mean when we say, 'get behind the ball'? Here's one definition for you and a stay at home exercise to help!

Good morning and hope you're doing ok out there.  I was very grateful for some work yesterday conducting some on-line tutorials with our LTA Senior Performance Coach candidates.  Great to catch up with coaches and discuss the course content and how we might move it forwards over the next months with current restrictions in place.  Some excellent creativity by Simon Wheatley at the LTA to ensure the qualification and personal development continues.   Zoom and other such platforms has certainly come to the rescue over these last couple of weeks!

Serving practice today - 'isolating' the arms (pun intended!) & some continuing self-reflection

Good morning everyone,

I hope you're ready for another 'stay at home' week.  Hopefully you've been able to develop a little bit of a routine now with some school-work, exercise, and perhaps you can give 15 minutes of your day to developing the co-ordination of your arms on your SERVE today?

If so, check out this quick video:

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