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The Everyball Academy

The Everyball Tennis Academy, Halton UK is the pinnacle of our Aspire to excel program and offers full-time tennis training, academic (via Oxford Home Schooling) and life 'schooling' to aspiring players principally aged 12 years and older, all on-site at one of Great Britain's most forward-looking tennis clubs, Halton UK.  For the majority of our athletes who are keen to stay within the school system we work closely with a number of local schools to secure leave of certain lessons through the week to be free to train with us at the academy.  We also run the LTA AASE (Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence) at the academy.

We have plans to offer on-site accomodation and building is currently underway!

A typical academy day

8.30-10.00am      Tennis (individualised sessions)

10.00-11.00am    Strength and conditioning*

11.00-1.45pm      School-work/lunch

2.00-4.00pm        Academy squad training 

4.00-5.00pm        Strength and conditioning

*From time to time we add in swimming, mountain biking and the Wendover woods fitness trail as cross-training and/or recovery sessions

Training can be supported by earlier morning sessions and later evening squads within our Aspire to Excel programme.

Our team (supported of course by our highly experienced wider Everyball coaching staff)

Mike James - LTA Master Performance Coach - Academy Director

Jemima King - LTA Senior Performance Coach - Academy Head Coach/AASE manager/Director of USTC (US Tennis Scholarships)  a company that helps prospective students to secure scholarships at American universities.

Roy Knight - LTA Senior Performance Coach (Candidate) - Coach (Head of touring team)

Ed Taylor - LTA Coach - Coach and performance hitter

Dom King - Master Tennis Performance Specialist - Everyball's Head of athlete Development

Gemma Elliott-Whetton - Strength and Conditoning Coach and GB Triathlete 

We already have a reputation for academy excellence at Halton having run a full-time academy for several years between 2004 and 2013. During this time we produced players such as Julia Bone, Katy Dunne and Holly Hutchinson, all of whom competed at Junior Wimbledon. Katy Dunne completed her junior career with us by breaking into the world's top 10 and is now ranked inside the WTA's top 300.

Not only do our players excel on the tennis court but also academically.  Many of our student-athletes have gone on to successful tennis and academic careers in the U.S Collegiate system or here at University in Great Britain.  As we re-opened in September 2016 our aim was to build on this tradition with our enhanced facilities and team that have been developed in the interim years, and with the support of our extremely strong umbrella organisation Halton UK that is the driving force behind this initiative.

What makes us unique?  We are 'club based' with an extremely attractive family feel in which student-athletes immediately feel secure and at home. The academy sits on-top of a vibrant club with all it's different tennis and social activities and a developing multi-sport agenda. This gives us the best opportunity to then create a 'high challenge high support performance environment' with a superbly experienced and qualified team (leadership, tennis coaching, and strength and conditioning) using our state of the art facilities as well as our unique natural surroundings to help develop our player's games, intellect, character and resilience.  We are not for profit (Halton UK is a registered charity) and therefore do not run our academy for commercial benefit; this gives us significant 'value for money' edge for successful applicants. We have developed a unique 'further investment criteria' that may also help bridge any gaps in this area. 

We are easily accessible; 40 minutes from London by train, close to main motorway links but in the heart of the beautiful Buckinghamshire and Chiltern countryside.   

A clear ethos in that of 'everyball' and a set of coaching beliefs and values (see About us) that keep us 'on purpose' at all times  At the heart of our academy is our definition of winning: 'To identify, gather and mobilise all our resources to go as far as we can.'  This definition is supported by a range of practical behavioural models that we have developed and accumulated over the last 15 years and are regularly practiced through our sister organisation here at Halton, The Chiltern Institute of Learning, Development and Sport. Student-Athletes will regularly be exposed to this this valuable intellectual property as a significant 'value add' to their training programmes and form part of their 'life-schooling'.  

A few of our current players (rankings as of 31st Jan 2017)

Beth Grey, age 21, WTA ranking 736

Scarlett Hutchinson, age 15, ITF Junior World ranking 1048

Jasmine Conway, age 11, GB 12&U national ranking 8

Joshua Bright, age 12, GB 12&U national ranking 13

Miles Groom, age 13, GB 14&U national ranking 32

Joel Good, age 13, GB 14&U national ranking 45

Joshua Oakely, age 11, selected to play for GB v France (January 2017)

Isabelle Marshall, age 15, 16&U national ranking 24

Lauren Armstrong, age 15, GB 16&U national ranking 48

Alex Hildreth, age 15, GB 16&U national ranking 54

Oscar Glenister, age 17, ITF Doubles title winner 2016, AASE student

Daniel Dean, age 15, GB 16&U national ranking 117 (former top 10 player on-way back from injury)

Jake Williams, age 17, GB 18&U national ranking 48, AASE student

For more information on our plans and if you would like to consider applying to join the Academy please contact Everyball Tennis & Halton UK Director of Tennis Mike James (, +44 (0)7958 008312

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Get in touch with us

Chestnut End, Halton
Aylesbury HP22 5PD, UK

Tel: +44 (0)1296 623453

Welfare and Safeguarding

Halton Tennis Centre Welfare and Safeguarding officer

If you have any concerns regarding your or others welfare or safety at Halton, please contact in confidence our Club Welfare Officer – Camilla Hayward:

07748 596607

or via the club office

The Halton Child Protection, Vulnerable young adults, Bullying and Whistle blowing polices are published on the Junior notice board and on the Halton website and copies available from the office.

Data protection and Privacy

Information and policies relating to privacy, cookies, and data protection are listed here.

The Halton Tennis Centre data protection policy is posted here (pdf download).

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